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Leisure for children

Leisure for children

Children's leisure is free time from compulsory activity. Using leisure time for games, reading, labor, playing sports, art, technology, the child develops morally, mentally and physically. Active, reasonable leisure is an important means of maintaining and improving productivity. Visiting various clubs and sections has a positive effect on the development of children. This helps to improve their speech and motor skills, children are less nervous, become sociable, independent, acquire special skills. In the future, such children are easier to integrate into adulthood.

Some Kazakh parents, who live mainly in cities, are active in finding clubs and sections for the comprehensive development of their child. They ask neighbors, friends, search the Internet, are interested in the addresses of such sections and the cost of visiting. Swimming, drawing, fine arts, music, dancing, football, chess-the demand is wide.

Art, both classical and folk, is invaluable in aesthetic education. It should enter into the lives of children from an early age. The task of artistic education is the development of artistic perception, feelings and emotions, imagination, thinking, memory, speech. Familiarization of children with art should begin with the most accessible of its types: literature, music, painting, theater, circus. It arouses a keen interest, develops feelings, emotions of children.