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Interest Groups and Sections for Children, 2021
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Interest Groups and Sections for Children, 2021

Кружки и секции для школьников в 2021 году - Линейчатая

Library – a cultural organization, fulfilling informational, cultural, and educational functions, and serving as an organized fund of printed and manuscript documents, graphic, audio-visual materials, and electronic documents, that are provided  to individuals and legal entities for temporary use.

Theatres – entertainment organizations (includes dramatic, musical-dramatic, musical, choreographic, puppet, pantomime, satire and humour, for children and youth, experimental), performing theatrical performances of literature and art.

Circus – a cultural organization, carrying out its activities in the field of circus and variety art, and which uses material resources and groups of circus performers.

Specialized educational and sports organizations – non-profit organizations, responsible for the preparation of substitute teams and/or high-class sportsmen.

The number of individuals involved in physical culture and health clubs, sections, and groups includes those practicing sports in sections and groups within the clubs and groups of physical culture and health.

Численность занимающихся детей в кружках и секциях в 2020 году - Линейчатая

The number of children studying in organizations of supplementary education includes children studying in supplementary education organizations of all types, excluding those engaged in the areas of adaptive physical culture and sports.

Personal Computers are considered stationary and portable computers and include laptops, netbooks, and tablet computers.

Interest Groups and Sections for Children, 2021

  Number, units Number of attending children, persons
Artistic and aesthetical 11741 309105
Decorative and applied 7121 105243
Technical 3810 78052
Ecological 3789 67755
Touristic and local history 2229 32348
Social and humanitarian 8098 148856
Natural and mathematical 9840 200553
Linguistic 9544 213474
Volleyball 7958 237788
Basketball 5833 149892
Football 6953 213449
Tennis 3829 77083
Combat (all types) 2163 43496
Winter sports 858 12979
National games 6822 187388
Chess and checkers 6881 210363
Other sports 6663 209494
Other groups/sections 7599 192291