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Ethnic Composition of Children
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Ethnic Composition of Children

Национальный состав казахских детей в процентах к общей численности населения
Национальный состав детей на 2009

As of 1 January, the annual estimated population is calculated based on the last population census data, adding  the number of newborns and those who arrived to the territory of Kazakhstan  each year and excluding the number of deaths and those who left the country. The “age shifting” method is used for the estimation of population age composition. Under this shift, age generation “x” transitions to the next age “x+1,” and accordingly, population size is changed based on mortality and migration levels. As a result of the shift, occurring annually on January 1, the population is calculated beginning with those aged 1 year and older. When determining the number of people under the age of 1 year, namely determining the newborn generation, changes related to mortality and migration are also taken into account.

Ethnic composition of children – Based on the 2021 Population Census